Shortfilm · 2017

Antemoesa is an experimental video resulting from the film residence Correntes, tutored by Oliver Laxe, in which the aim was to “inhabit and observe the path of Lérez”,
a natural place in the south of Galicia.

It was conceived as an exercise of observation to the space in a poetic key, where composition and transformation prevail. Through the opposition of images and the inversion of colors, there is a reflection on the two faces of nature: the beautiful and sublime, and the terrible and monstrous.

Antemoesa, 2017 / 1080p / Black and White; Inverted / 03:26 / 
Aspect ratio: 2.35.1 / No dialogues

Models: Andrea Alonso, Lara Campañó, Elena Fontoira, Andrea López, Marta Molina, Iria Pazos /
Assistant: Ester García / Music: Dani Cornes

  • XOCIVIGA (2018, Ourense, Spain)
  • Correntes, Novos Cinemas International Film Festival (2017, Pontevedra, Spain)

Supported by:
Novos Cinemas International Film Festival; Universidade de Vigo