Shortfilm · 2018

Leucoíña! is a critical reflection on the classic malehero’s archetype. It reimagines the natural space
of the River Lerez as a theatrical stage in which characters from the Galician folk myth are reborn.

Leucoíña! is a comedic epilogue to the Galician legend of Teucro, Leucoíña and the foundation of Pontevedra’s
city. The story is taken up again years after these events and answers a key question in the construction of the classic hero:

When does the hero stop being a hero and become a capricious monster?

Leucoíña!, 2018 / 1080p / Color / Aspect ratio: 4:3 / 08:55 /
Language: Galician / Subtitles: English, Spanish

Teucro: Jacobo Lomba / Leucoíña: Lidia Veiga/ Cinematography: Ester García /
Direct Sound: Pedro Vilas, Cris Yáñez / Costume Design: María Cores, Rocío Garrido, Sergio Villasante /
Posters: Sol Mussa /

  • Cinema pola fiestra (2020, Vigo, Spain)
  • ANTIPUBLIPUBLICLUB Exhibition of Creative Projects (2019, Pontevedra, Spain)
  • Un camiño posible, Novos Cinemas International Film Festival (2018, Pontevedra, Spain)

Supported by:
Novos Cinemas International Film Festival; Universidade de Vigo.